Business Intelligence and Data Mining Tool



Integration of autonomous data sources

With the Miner, system data in different physical places belonging to different database providers can be joined and analyzed with integrated querying.

Spatial data use

Miner can use spatial data in addition to structural information. Meanwhile, it can join structural and spatial data, examine the relationship between the data using both spatial and relational operators. Miner makes simple or advanced queries and shows the results on a map, table, panel or the combination of all three.

Rich data resource definitions

Data resources which can be accessed and queried using the Miner not only consists of database systems. Miner can also reach folder systems, system logs, web services or file contents with its advanced data resource adaptors. Miner can join all of the data it has and make online or offline analyses.

Data mining

With the Miner, all kinds of reports can be created. Data mining operations like association, clustering and classification can be done. Also data cleaning and preprocessing which are needed for data mining are included as standard.

Reporting and panels

The data which was queried/analyzed with the Miner is visualized according to user preferences. The visualized data is presented to the user as a table, graph, map; or as a panel consisting of all these three. The panels can be viewed on web pages and are reachable from mobile platforms. Also, miner can inform its users with optional or periodic e-mails.

Advanced authorization management

With the Miner, progressive and complex rules can be determined at data access and viewing stages. Authorization can be determined according to some rules; or combinations of different rules like the characteristics of information as well as the content, time, the computer which is trying to access data etc.

Fıelds of Use

  • Online/offline data joining
  • Reports and control tables
  • Periodic reports, alerts and reminders based on data
  • Data mining
  • Integration


  • J2EE
  • Web based
  • Spatial data
  • Web services
  • Common application server support
  • Database independent
  • Mobile