Technology Transfer Office Management System

Teknoloji Transfer Ofisi Yönetim Yazılımı


TTO is a web based software which was developed to monitor the requirements arised from the management of the work processes of Technology Transfer Offices.

Module-1: Awareness, Introduction, Notification and Education Services

The details of planning, progress and evaluation of trainings, activities and events which will be organised by Technology Transfer Offices can be managed by the TTO Management System. In addition to that; budget and cost, personnels tasks, event programs, participants, announcements and surveys can be managed with TTO.

Module-2: Services Concerning Utilising Support Programs

Several grant support programs followed by Technology Transfer Offices can be defined by using the TTO Management System and the services aimed at providing grant support can be managed in this way.
Public and private announcement groups can be created, notifications concerning grant and invitation programs can be managed with TTO.

Module-3: Project Development / Management Services (University - Industry Collaboration)

Within the scope of projects that are being done for the improvement of University - Industry Collaborations; project requests, applications for project support, grant support and inducement payment for the project, academic consultancy services, academician and industry search (with keywords, finding results by matching data from different fields) can be managed by TTO. Grant and support payments that has been used, benefited services, meetings and contracts that's been done can be managed with TTO.

Module-4: Management of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Licensing Services

Within the scope of Technology Transfer Office, intellectual property rights of the projects done in universities can be managed with Technology Transfer Office Management Software right from the application date. Notifications and reminders about the recorded intellectual property rights, periodic operations, national and international patents, meetings and contracts can be tracked.

Module-5: Incorporation and Entrepreneurship Services

Project applications, notifications for business ideas, assessments about project and business ideas, TTO services provided to entrepreneurs (like consultancy), services about grant and support payments, meetings, events and organisations, contracts can be tracked on the system.


All of the data stored in the Technology Transfer Office System can be used to automatically calculate performance displays that are requested by TUBITAK(The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). With the data recorded in the TTO Management System, detailed reports can be created using varying statistical data analysis methods.


Technology Transfer Office Management System software has the appropriate technological infrastructure for it to be easily integrated to other university and technopark systems.


  • Institutional memory of the Technology Transfer Offices being formed
  • Standardization of business processes in institutions
  • Efficient use of TTO resources
  • Evaluation and tracking of the performance of employees
  • Tracking and monitoring of the TTO budget
  • Preparation of the reports required by TUBITAK
  • Reports and monitoring


  • J2EE architecture
  • Web based architecture
  • Common application server support
  • Database independent
  • Cross platform
  • Multi-browser support
  • Mobile device support