Task, Project and Process Management System



ProActive is a task, project and management system which was developed for the monitoring, planning and management of all activities including projects in a company.

Customer Relationship Management

All customer and suppliers can be defined with their personal information using ProActive. Information about meetings with customers can be recorded (documents and lists of tasks to do can be added if needed). You can view offers by the costumers and the outcomes. You can define contracts with your suppliers and customers and register the ensuing rights and obligations. You can monitor every procedure.

Human Resources Management

With ProActive, you can define the whole organisation of your company on the basis of departments and personnel positions. You can assign tasks and specify proficiency criterias like education and certificates. You can view personnel records and information about tasks, absence leaves, assignments, education etc.

Call Management

With ProActive, you can manage calls that your customers transit with different ways. You can record calls and specify all tasks that will be/has been done and monitor them until the call ends.

Task Management

You can define business processes and all tasks that needs to be done by using ProActive. You can plan periodic or one-off tasks and keep track of them.

Document Management

With ProActive, you can keep records of papers and documents regarding the company. The identification tag of the document or the document itself can be recorded in this process. All documents of the company can be archived using some information like date, copy number, document number etc. Authorization details can be specified for every document to restrain access.

Project Management

You can manage all of the projects that you are the contractor of with ProActive. You can define project teams on the system and configure their authorization and responsibilities. You can define milestones for the project and keep track of them.


With the use of ProActive's rich integration infrastructure, you can exchange data between your available systems and focus on your work without needing to enter data to different systems again and again.


    For every public or private establishment which:

  • Considers quality management important
  • Makes projects
  • Cares about customer happiness
  • Wants to take control of their budget


  • Increased efficiency
  • Effectiveness in business
  • Quality
  • Performance monitoring
  • Paperless office
  • Activity reports


  • J2EE architecture
  • Web based architecture
  • Common application server support
  • Database independent
  • Cross platform
  • Multi-browser support
  • Mobile device support