Fleet Management



Inventory Management

Ensures that the entry and check-out operations of the vehicles; catalog data of vehicle models, debit, inter-department transactions, vehicle exchanges, equipment monitoring operations are perfectly managed on the system.

Organisation Management

Avoids data repetition by integrating existing organisation structures and personel data. Provides central monitoring and control while ensuring that the operational management of the fleet is done in place.

Contract Procedures

Tracking of the new contracts,extensions, returns, rescissions and and changes regarding vehicle renting, vehicle renting with a driver, self-owned vehicle, transportation vehicle, maintenance and repair services can be managed on the system. Tasks that will be done regarding contracts will be kept in control by the contract calendar and reminders.

Periodic Operations

You can actively monitor all of the operations and information in the lifetime of a vehicle like inspections, insurance and taxes and thus avoid overlooking tasks that need to be done.

Assigning and Planning Tasks

Tasks of the personnel and the fleet cars can be planned and these planned/unplanned tasks can be monitored on the system. Vehicles can be used effectively and efficiently with this task assigning system. All of the costs pertaining to the tasks can be controlled. Statuses of the tasks can be viewed in any instance.

Repairs and Maintenance

Tracking of the repair and maintenance processes of the vehicles in the inventory, appointments from car services, receipts, changed/broken pieces can be done on the system. Reminders ensure that these procedures can be done without a hitch. Also the condition of the car tires, tire changes and spare part stocks can be kept track of.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel consumption can be viewed on the system. Besides fuel firm integrations, duplicate receipt entries are avoided. Fuel costs are significantly reduced when the system is used.

Driver Information, Trafic Tickets and Accident Procedures

An effective driver management system is provided with the tracking of the driver information and documents, traffic tickets and blacklist applications. Traffic accidents and and the repairment processes can be monitored.

Progress Payment Procedures

Progress payments can be calculated on the system pertaining to all of the renting operations. Vehicle tallies are generated automatically with the task assigning integration.

Budget Management

Fleet management budget can be defined on the system. Changes in the budget can be monitored momentarily.


With the advanced integration infrastructure, integration is easily done between the systems in the company. Data repetition is avoided.


    For every public or private establishment which:

  • Has heavy duty vehicles or cars for their business
  • Has a vehicle renting service
  • Has a transportation or shipping service


  • Keeps the fleet in working condition
  • Ensures that the fleet is managed effectively and efficiently
  • Rules out waste, violation and negligence regarding the fleet
  • Keeps cost economy in control
  • Keeps track of legal obligations


  • J2EE architecture
  • Web based architecture
  • Common application server support
  • Database independent
  • Cross platform
  • Multi-browser support
  • Mobile device support