Smart Building Monitoring and Control



Three-dimensional (3D) Building Monitoring

AKIK has 3D building visualization and monitoring infrastructure for web and mobile platforms. Building information model (BIM) based building data contain 3D model of the building, as well as construction and installation (electrical, plumbing, heat and air-conditioning and other construction installation) data. With AKİK, the general information and assets of the building can be visualized and monitored.

Module capabilities:

  • 3D building monitoring interfaces
  • Display structural and functional components of the building
  • Visualize floor plans, physical and logical partitions
  • Animations and energy efficiency calculations based on sun position (date and time)
  • Openings of Building components (doors, windows and ventilators) and environmental components
  • Visualization and monitoring of sensors/cameras and their data
  • Displaying, monitoring and measuring functions of external system access (door access, HVAC, etc.)

Energy Monitoring and Management

AKIK can determine the main energy consumption points in the buildings, monitor energy consumption and provide management capabilities for monitoring and measurement functions in order to increase energy efficiency. Also, renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass, ground source heat pump, etc.) in the building can be separately monitored and visualized.

Module capabilities:

  • Remote electricity meter reading (production and consumption)
  • Remote monitoring of renewable energy sources
  • Monitoring energy consumption of the building and areas inside the building (office, common area, etc.)
  • Comparison of consumed and produced energy instantaneously and periodically
  • Detection of losses and leakages with energy consumption monitoring structure
  • Creating a monitoring and measurement plan in order to increase energy efficiency and reporting

Sensor Monitoring

AKIK can visualize different types of sensor data acquired from smart sensors placed inside and outside the building and perform comparative analysis studies on the all collected data. It is possible to take measures against possible safety/security weaknesses and to increase energy efficiency.

Module capabilities:

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity,
  • Movement,
  • Light,
  • Pressure,
  • Air quality (CO2 etc.),
  • Solar/Wind power generation systems
  • Outdoor weather conditions,
  • Door entry-exit systems,
  • Camera systems,
  • Air conditioning systems etc.

Security Monitoring / Surveillence

AKIK can visualize the data collected from sensors, camera systems, door entry-exit and other systems instantaneously and retrospectively, detect possible safety and security weaknesses in the building instantly and create alerts automatically based on the defined rules.

Module capabilities:

  • Support any kind of CCTV and IP camera systems
  • Integration with the sensor monitoring module
  • Ability to work integrated with personnel entry-exit system
  • Visualization sensor/camera locations and accessing snapshots on the 3D building model
  • Permission to access cameras and images according to the authorization level
  • Monitoring and tracking of unauthorized access situations
  • Detecting possible security and security weaknesses with the data acquired through sensors and creating automatic alarms
  • Ability to compare different types of sensor data with each other instantly and retrospectively, correlation analysis and reporting in order to prevent possible security and safety weaknesses

Decision Support/Data Analytics

AKIK can run predictive and descriptive analyses on historical/real time data to support managerial decisions.

Module capabilities:

  • Graphical and tabular reporting of the data collected for each measurement system point in two given date-time intervals (eg energy and water consumption and cost analysis)
  • Making daily, monthly and annual demand forecasts with historical data by using accepted forecast models (eg building performance analysis, creating estimated heating / cooling budget, etc.)
  • Graphical and tabular representation of expected sensor data and measurement points that deviate from expected values
  • Comparing data of different types of sensors, correlation analysis and reporting

Rule Management

AKIK enables administrators to define and manage rules on the data coming from the sensors to detect important events in the system and activate manuel or automatic reactions. Module capabilities:

  • Defining simple or complex rules on data generated by all monitored measurement points
  • Ability to employ data produced by different systems within the same alarm rule (Ex: Temperature and motion data)

Alarm Monitoring and Event Management

AKIK can create and visualize the alarms that occur as a result of the rules defined in the rule management module, it can also record and follow-up the events related to the alarm on the system. Module capabilities:

  • In 3D integrated building monitoring user interfaces, instant display of alarms in the system at the moment of alarm,
  • Notification by the system via e-mail or SMS,
  • Visualisation alarm records as a list and graphic according to the authorization level and alarm types,
  • Handling the alarms occurring in the system by the operators and recording transactions,
  • Ability to direct people in the system according to the criticality of the alarms,
  • Event management automatically according to defined rules,
  • Management of automatically notification selected people about the results of events

Asset Management

AKIK can record and track assets within the scope of the integrated smart building monitoring system.

Module capabilities:

  • Management of information regarding infrastructure and superstructure assets within the building
  • Archiving of retired assets
  • Tracking debit information of assets
  • Visualisation of assets on 3D building model
  • Providing access to the identity card of the asset on 3D model

Maintenance Management

AKIK can track the maintenance and repair of all assets, payments of spare parts, maintenance & repair, service agreements, payments to the services, appointment system and so on.

Module capabilities:

  • Maintenance plans, tracking and reminder actions of all assets followed-up within the scope of the holistic smart building management system
  • Managing maintenance request and maintenance work order records
  • Contract information with service companies
  • During maintenance, invoice detail entry for the equipment, labor costs, material details and warranty information of the replaced parts
  • Maintenance periods, working time parameter definitions
  • Works to be done within the scope of maintenance in planned maintenance, parts to be changed and additional materials
  • Maintenance requests approval mechanism

User & Security Management

AKIK can define and manage users, their roles, authenticate/authorize users. Authorization levels can be defined based on user groups, software functions, floor, sensor, camera and other assets.

Module capabilities:

  • User / Group / Role information
  • Menu Access authorizations,
  • Asset Access authorizations,
  • Function authorizations,
  • API access management.
  • Menu definitions,
  • Monitoring active users, logs, system settings


    For every public or private establishment needing sustainable, reliable, user-friendly, efficient, safe and secure Building Management Systems:

  • All new and existing public buildings (including critical facilities, Hospitals, University Campuses etc.) and commercial buildings (Shopping malls and business centers, Hotels, Hospitals etc.)
  • Smart building owners who want to solve the dilemma between efficiency and security in their smart buildings
  • Existing building owners who want to be smart buildings
  • Building facility managers, energy managers and security managers


  • An intelligent unified building management interface: Monitoring and reporting data acquired from independent systems (HVAC, Security, Camera, card pass, etc.) with a single user interface
  • Efectiveness improvement
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Security and Safety improvement
  • Detecting problems and early intervention
  • Timely measures with prediction ability
  • Structural Building Changes Tracking (BIM and 3D)


  • Standards Compliancy (IFC)
  • Cloud-based (public or private)
  • 3D visualisation
  • Kubernetes based architecture
  • Big Data support
  • Web-based
  • Mobile-friendly