About Us

The Secret of Our Success



Founded in 2008, the aim of ForteArGe is to find research and development based solutions to meet the needs of varying IT sectors and clients. We create products or projects according to the needs of firms and clients. Our company continues to provide R&D based solutions with IT professionals located in Hacettepe Technology Development Zone (Hacettepe Technopolis).

ForteArGe has found accurate, fast and economical solutions for public and private institutions in addition to developing various research projects since its foundation.

The main goal of our company is to further improve information technologies in every new project.


Innovativity and creativity

ForteArGe is focused on coming up with new and innovative solutions instead of offering common ones. If a problem cannot be resolved by using the existing means, creating new instruments to solve these problems will be the approach of our company.

Information, research and being up to date

ForteArGe follows all changes and improvements concerning the IT sector and renews the instruments at hand to offer up-to-date solutions suitable to world standards.


As ForteArGe, we perceive the problems of our clients from their perspectives to have a better understanding of their requests. Our company is aware that the tiny little details of an easily producible project can be critically important to our clients. With our solutions, we aim to provide comfort to make life easier.

Appropriate and accurate solutions

ForteArGe develops and applies appropriate solutions by taking all of the constraints of the present condition into account instead of trying to tailor the problems to fit the solutions at hand.

Complex solutions for complex problems

Problems that we come across are generally complex and multidimensional. In this case, a different method of thinking should be applied to overcome the obstacles. ForteArGe approaches complex problems from different angles and offers complementing solutions.

Efficient, fast and economical solutions

The cost of the solution should never be more than the cost of the problem. In the same way, a solution which is not provided in time will not be meaningful. For this reason, ForteArGe finds efficient, fast and economical solutions to problems.